Powder coating technology in modern life, widely used in architectural works, consumer goods, industry with outstanding advantages. Products after being powder coated can come up with multiple colors, high aesthetics but still ensure operability when they are put in use.

In particular, the construction industry is one of the places that take some of the biggest parts of the market share in powder coating demand. The process of changing and improving the architecture to meet the needs of consumers offers many opportunities for the development of the powder coating industry in the present and future.

The powder coating technology has been used in the modern life
The powder coating technology has been used in the modern life

Powder coating surface treatment

Pre-treatment process is conducted after the raw aluminum profile is manufactured and undergoes tempering, stabilizing alloy composition.

Powder coating technology uses electromagnetic forces to help paint powder particles stick to metal surfaces. The paint powder is melted in a paint tank (heat chamber around 200C), then charged and sprayed with a high-pressure hose. Powder coating method only creates a thin even coating (60 – 80 micron), protecting the surface of metal products.

With the paint warranty options, the aluminum bar will be chromated surface in the treatment pool in order to create a bond between the aluminum and the powder coating. The coating forms tightly aligned, durable crystals (as the foundation for the electrostatic paint layer, also known as creating a grip for the powder coating).

After completing the treatment and electrostatic spraying steps, the aluminum bar will be incubated in the warehouse under certain temperature conditions, depending on each different powder line, to ensure the adhesion of the paint color when put in. use.

So here is the order: pre-treatment -> drying out -> spraying powder -> baking -> cooling (by air)

Powder coating uses electromagnetic force to attach powder coating to the surface
Powder coating uses electromagnetic force to attach powder coating to the surface

Advantages of powder coated aluminum

In today’s metal manufacturing and processing industry, powder coating technology is the method to help cover the surface in the most optimal way, ensuring aesthetics, diversity and suitability. in many areas when applied.

The Aesthetic

The color of the powder coating is made up of powder coating particles, so it is easy to change according to the requirements of each product, meeting the aesthetics and diversity of colors compared to other coating methods on the market. .

Flexibility in painting techniques such as: Wood grain paint, glossy paint, translucent paint … also brings great competitive advantages for the powder coating line.

Powder coatings can be applied to the following types of surfaces without being overly dependent on the product profile and shape.

Sliding door powder coat make more colorful spacing
Sliding door powder coat make more colorful spacing


The powder coating technology makes it easy for consumers to choose and optimize costs for production at factories.

The product is sprayed with electrostatic paint in a spray tank closed, so more than 90% of the powder particles that have not yet clung to the metal surface will be collected and used for the next spraying.

The automatic powder coating system helps customers to optimize costs, but the products are still of the highest quality. In each factory, there are 2 painting systems, one is automatic painting in the spray booth and manual painting. The cost of painting is pushed down or mounted high depending on the profile of each product

In addition, products with too many details, leading to powder loss in the painting process, will have a relatively higher cost than conventional products, along with the paint not sticking evenly on the surface. product durability.

Same surface, but with powder coating, the product will have a significantly lower production cost compared to other processing methods.

The effects of powder coated aluminum when put into use

The powder coated metal products today are playing some certain rolls in many fields from industrial to household. The high adaptability, suitability in practical application conditions and usage different needs is one of the many uses of powder coated aluminum.

The first can be mentioned is the protection for the metal’s surface from the environment under normal conditions, or withstand to major impact within a certain period

Technology chromates the surface, creating bonds between the paint electrostatic and metal, making the product firmer and more durable than conventional methods of paint. Therefore, the product life time will last longer.

Chromate’s technology make the door elegant
Chromate’s technology make the door elegant


Powder coating is, so it is completely harmless to the health of the user and the environment. Besides, powder coating powder also helps the product become more eye-catching and attractive with diverse colors, high customization ability. -> Search for HSF requirements, powder suppliers can provide some certain Certificates such as RoSH, REACH, PAH’s or CP65, they are worldwide standard for hazardous substance free.

Products after painting are stored, randomly checked and mandatory tests for each paint batch, in order to achieve the highest durability and consistency. The testing tool is invested according to the standards, in order to bring high accuracy and objectivity.

Paint furnaces at Loval apply export standards and achieve ASTM qualitY, Qualicoat class 3, AAMA 2605, EN ISO 2360, ISO 2813, EN ISO 2409, BS6496:1984 for the product after painting. The painting system is automatically invested, with high skilled workers, which also helps the product after painting to have high stability.


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