In conventional CNC milling machines, the control panel is arranged in the center for the most convenient operation, whereby it is also easy to monitor the workpiece and machining operations, using the control functions.

Horizontal Milling Machine Niigata HN 100C

Máy phay Horizontal Milling Machine Niigata HN 100C
Horizontal Milling Machine Niigata HN 100C


X-axis: 2030mm (79.9”)

Y-axis: 1650mm (65.0″)

Z-axis 1200mm (47.2″)

Max workpiece turning diameter: 2300mm (90, 6″)

Height: 1850mm (72.8”)


Machine center responsible for multi-tasking horizontal machining with methods such as turning, boring and milling and fully programmable according to each designed mold. The machine body is designed to be strong & sturdy, to ensure outstanding stability and vibration reduction during machining

The finished product is highly accurate and ensures rigidity for a long time, the touch panel being cleverly cut and installed.

The machining area occupies a large amount of space inside the machine, suitable for large-sized products, furniture molds, ships, airplanes,…

Milling machine vertical shaft Mori Seiki MV65 M7 

Máy phay Milling machine vertical shaft Mori Seiki MV65 M7
Milling machine vertical shaft Mori Seiki MV65 M7

Dimensions 1490x650x650 

Stroke size XYZ

50.0 x 25.6 x 256″ (1,270 x 650 x 650mm) on MIV-65A 60.0″ x 25.6″ x 25.6″ ( 1,524 x 650 x 650mm) on MV-65B

Speed ​​X & Y Axis: 15m/min. Z axis: 12m/min. 

Positioning accuracy: 0.0002 (0.005mm) full stroke

Repeatability: 10,00004 (0.001mm)

High speed ATC: run time of only 2.5/3.0 seconds for tool axis No. 40/ 50.

The standard configuration contains 30 tools. Optional 40 tools available.

Standard spindle and oil cooler component design reduces heat displacement in the spindle to ±0.0004*(0.01mm).

Large 300-liter cooling tank 

Large 4-sliding table (1,420mm)

In control centers of machining functions, file-based automated production lines are designed to optimize accuracy and aesthetics for products.

With this series, the control center designs create flexibility. They have high speed and accuracy with products of large size and volume, solid structure, especially in spindle system, part processing.

This means that machine and product stability is guaranteed even in the most difficult work pieces. At the same time, the performance of components and operating costs are optimized, ensuring the cost of the product. 

Advanced mechatronics technology, simple designs make this vertical machining center area work better

Optimal machine design for industry standard productivity

Optimized machining functions, serve the production process of finished products

Create products with high quality according to the different needs of customers, suitable for the market, the needs of users

Flexible with designs, detailed processing finished products

Flexible spindle speed to maximize production efficiency

Applying advances in manufacturing and processing technology to create optimal products on time, while ensuring accuracy

Vertical Milling Moriseiki NVX 7000

Máy phay Vertical Milling Moriseiki NVX 7000
Vertical Milling Moriseiki NVX 7000


  • Dimensions 1540x760x660
  • X-axis stroke: 1,540 mm
  • Y-axis travel: 760 mm
  • Z-axis travel: 660 mm
  • Maximum workpiece length: 1,700 mm
  • Maximum workpiece width: 760 mm
  • Workpiece height: 600 mm
  • Maximum workpiece weight: 2,000 kg

Basic structure of the machine

Improve efficiency, increase rigidity and reduce vibration 

Wide working table with high working speed, while maintaining rigidity in execution

Slideways designed and used for all axes

High precision

Ball screw core cooling

Prevent dropping function Z axis during power failure

Improves workability when running speed is too high resulting in motor overload

Distance from table 325mm (12.8 in.)

Door opening width 1,725mm (67.9 in.)

Height of a 1,000mm (39.4 in.) machined countertop

Over 20 years producing aluminum for the international market with orders exported to Australia, Japan and Europe markets. We always carry our enthusiasm and desire to bring a line of export standard aluminum to serve the domestic market. Loval is always changing and finding ways to overcome difficulties encountered in the market, so that Vietnamese people can use quality product created by Vietnamese people, according to censored international standards.

The production line is managed based on the ISO 9001:2015 quality control system. Products processed and manufactured at Loval fully meet Vietnam TCVN standards and standards for export goods.

Loval’s activities are always highly appreciated by partners because of its perfectionism, precision, trust and honesty through all production orders.

Long Van Group in general and Loval in particular is one of the pioneering corporations in the aluminum industry in Vietnam. With the desire to bring the highest value to the market and contribute to the development of Vietnam’s construction industry

Do not hesitate to contact Loval for the most accurate advice!

  • Hotline: 027.4375.8593
  • Address: 76 Binh Duong Boulevard, Lai Thieu Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong
  • Showroom 1: 299/1D Ly Thuong Kiet str, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC
  • Showroom 2: 299F Ly Thuong Kiet str, Ward 15, District 11, HCMC


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