Aluminum processing workshops currently on the market are divided into many segments with different levels of investment. For export orders, which require tolerances and exact dimensions according to export standards, only large factories with modern machinery can handle them.

The costs for the mechanical product processing process mainly arise from the techniques, processing methods and the machines invested in the factory.

Loval fabrication industry in Binh Duong
Loval fabrication industry in Binh Duong

What types of aluminum machining are available in the machining workshops?

Industrial mechanical processing Industrial

Industrial mechanical processing is a method of processing with a large quantity, the machining details are passed through different lines to produce the final product. In order to eliminate measurement time, factories operate to increase production accuracy and speed, mold, gauge and jig systems are fabricated and fed into each production line.

Mechanical processing products are applied to many different industries, contributing to increase the accuracy of machine parts and equipment, thereby significantly increasing the time and use of the product. Different from traditional casting methods, mechanically processed products will have more precision and flexibility in design, because they do not depend too much on the mold.

One of the most steps in the process
One of the most steps in the process

CNC fabricate

CNC technology stands for Computerized numerically Controlled (controlled by computer) was developed from the late 1940s and became pros Vietnam decades of development. CNC fully automated, minimizing labor in the production process, product CNC guarantee high accuracy for the small details of the product.

CNC machine, make right for all details
CNC machine, make right for all details

In product details with non-coaxial structure, without symmetry and complicated details, CNC machining method is required. Currently, details such as molds, injection molds, phone frames… are processed by CNC machines. With this method, the product details will have absolute precision, almost zero tolerance, produce orders in small quantities, but high investment costs make costs increase compared to increments. common mechanical work.

The basic types of CNC machines can be mentioned as: milling machine, lathe, drilling machine, punching machine, grinder, wire cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, engraving machine, laser engraving machine. Depending on product design and production requirements, different CNC machines will be used.

Product fabricate

In addition to mechanical processing, the workshops also have the function of processing finished products. With the advantages of precision machinery, highly skilled workers and an experienced QC team, products processed in factories often meet export standards.

Processed products are often diverse from consumer goods, interior products, electrical equipment … with methods: cutting, milling, welding.

Commonly processed products can be mentioned as: aluminum coal, energy panels, doors and windows…

Anode aluminum door was fabricated from Loval
Anode aluminum door was fabricated from Loval

Metal surface fabricate

Metal surface is an important component to help assess quality as well as superiority. of the processed product. Surface processing methods can be mentioned as:

  • Electrochemical cleaning, helping the surface of the product to be clean of oil and chemicals.
  • Plating, anode products to create metallic colors for details
  • Polishing: used in details that need gloss, high reflectivity, less contact with dust-causing agents.
  • Surface sandblasting: helps the product to have adhesion, anti-fingerprints and create a luxurious surface.

Depending on the design and use, different surface treatments will be used.

Clean surface before ship and keep at warehouse
Clean surface before ship and keep at warehouse

Powder coat fabricate

Among many surface processing methods of products, powder coating is the most popular method. Using flexible pigments, products after powder coating will have an eye-catching appearance compared to the different colors.

Powder coating uses electromagnetic force to attach powder coating to the surface
Powder coating uses electromagnetic force to attach powder coating to the surface

Powder coating uses electromagnetic force to attach powder coating to the surface of the product, making the paint color more durable.

Depending on the different level of investment, the machining workshop will obtain the paint warranty warranties. The basic standards include:

  • Oven system: Qualicoat class 3 and AAMA 2605 standards.
  • Paint thickness measurement: standard EN ISO 2360
  • Product gloss measurement: ISO 2813 standard
  • Adhesion test: EN ISO 2409
  • Test for adhesion of paint film: EN ISO 2409 (2mm) according to COA, TDS paint series
  • Impact test: standard EN ISO 6272 / ATSM D2794 according to TDS, COA document.
  • Test the paint film’s plasticity: bend the paint film and comply with BS 6496: 1984.

Aluminum fabrication industry on request

Nearly 20 years of experience in mechanical / precision engineering,factory Custom Aluminum Machining Loval offers customers a new experience of advanced machining methods, applying automatic machines. Processed products meet quality standards as well as optimized production lines to reduce costs for customers.

At Loval, nothing important than export stander and customer’s requirements
At Loval, nothing important than export stander and customer’s requirements

Aluminum processing factory according to strict requirements on quality, as well as product perfection with a team of experienced engineers and QC. With the criterion of accompanying development, products processed at Loval factory will be consulted with technical techniques, modified designs so that the final product when it reaches the customer is a masterpiece combining engineering and beauty. technique.

Do not hesitate to contact Loval for the most accurate advice on metalworking and powder coating!

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