Solution blend of high-quality product, professional service, and sector expertise

Product Design Collaboration

Loval has accumulated deep experience over many years in helping entrepreneurs leap across the gap from conceptual to practical.

As your supply chain partner, we can take a close look at your integrated production processes. We may find that the product as you’ve designed it will be expensive and difficult to manufacture. By tweaking your design, altering the product without compromising its function, we may be able to discover ways for you to discover savings in both time and expense.

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Integrated Manufacture and Assembly

Managing a global supply chain from North America may require those different components be sourced from suppliers in different industries and even manufactured on different continents before arriving at a final assembly plant.

Loval is both a direct supplier and a manufacturer’s representative for a wide variety of manufactured parts and components, including extruded and machined aluminum and steel, moldings, frames, wires, rails and tracks, coatings, and packaging.

Technical Support and Strategic Advice

Together, our consulting staff has over 100 years of experience in analyzing and optimizing manufacturing and production process.

On every project, our goal is to minimize complexity, improve the transition time from one manufacturing stage to the next, remove bottlenecks and obstacles, and unblock logistical logjams.

Along with supplying high-quality components, we manage supply chain logistics to make sure those components arrive at their destination on time.

Adaptive Consulting

We are in business to solve problems — not merely to sell products. Our success depends on your success.

We begin by asking lots of questions: What are you trying to produce? Who are your customers? What are the stages you see in your manufacturing process? What are your needs for prototyping, process design, expected production runs, logistical support, transportation? What are your plans for scaling up to meet increased demand for your products?

“Loval suggested we redesign our entire production process, found surprising ways to reduce our costs, and helped us scale rapidly to meet exploding demand for our product!”