The company started in 1992, Loval an extension of Long Van Group was established in 2003 as a high-quality aluminum manufacturer in Viet Nam. We provide a wide range of products with Japan technology and standard, supply to all local and global partners. 

Long Van Group has 4 subgroups with operations in Vietnam and U.S.A 
NTV – Vietnam market
ALV – Global market
LOVAL – Fabricator
HONDALEX – Aluminum Extruder


Our clients include construction, consumer, medical, aerospace, renewable energy, and technology companies.
Approaching 30 years in the business, Long Van Group has supplied aluminum products to major institutions, assisted a wide range of projects for landmarks and earning the reputation as the leading distributor of high-quality aluminum-based products in Vietnam.


We focus on providing solution blend of highest qualities product, professional serve and sector expertise. With extensive industry experience and the most comprehensive range of capabilities, our objective is to remain responsive to our customers.
LVG is well known for its craftsmanship in lightweight metals integrated with variety of metal, wood, fabric, glass and other materials. Our method influenced by Japanese methods – cost-effective manufacturing without compromising quality or product safety.
We recognize the need to integrate environmental health and safety risk factors into our business decision-making. Our factory meets stringent requirements for safety, quality, social and environmental compliance. 


Long Van Group has expanded to 4 subgroups with operations in Vietnam and U.S.A and collaborates with a diverse group of partners to serve a wide range of industries. 

Viet Nam market

Distributor, Sales & Services
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Global market

Consulting, Sales & Services
Washington, USA

Global Market
Fabricator & Manufacturer
Binh Duong, Vietnam

Joint venture with Japanese
Aluminum Extruder
Binh Duong, Vietnam

brief history

“Loval suggested we redesign our entire production process, found surprising ways to reduce our costs, and helped us scale rapidly to meet exploding demand for our product!”